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To celebrate our favorite holiday, on April 1st of each year, the Press produces a keepsake for our friends and collectors. The images here show the cover and title page of each year's offering.

All Fool's Day keepsakes are $25 each. Please add $4 for shipping.

Now available, a special box designed to hold a set of April Fool’s keepsakes, covered in cloth with a leather inset decorated with a motif derived from a 17th–century foolscap watermark.

Special box to hold keepsakes 1999 to present for $300

Special box filled with keepsakes 1999 to present for $700

2017- The Blog of Samuel Pepys
The year is 1666 and Samuel Pepys, a veteran diarist by this time, is introduced to blogging by his wife’s young nephew, William Joyce. Having a secret diary is one thing, a public blog quite another. When things go awry the ‘Blogge device’ very nearly ends the illustrious career of Mr. Pepys. As a special bonus to this keepsake, we include A Public Service Announcement for those who feel the need to emigrate.

2017 - The Blog of Samuel Pepys for $25

2016- The Truer History of Doctor Dolittle
Doctor John Dolittle had a way with animals. Which was a good thing considering he didn’t have a way, in the medical sense, with his fellow humans. And he and everyone else in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh didn’t have a way with Fauna Pharma. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. What should be a surprise is that it took the animals to fix things.

2016 - A Truer History of Doctor Dolittle for $25

2015- Harry Paget Flashman: Dawn of a Dastardly Hero
Heroes receive medals. Well, here is a case where a boy fashions important tools for life, setting a standard where the rules of society are tossed out and medals are practically catapulted upon him. That’s his lot. And it doesnt seem to matter that he is, and always will be, a coward, a cheat, a liar, a thief–and so much more.

2015 - Harry Paget Flashman: Dawn of a Dastardly Hero for $25

2014- New Foolszit Roman
An exposure to typefaces will start as soon as you begin to notice those indecipherable hieroglyphs pasted above the blackboard in the classroom. The small child is supposed to make sense of these ABCs. Actually, they are called your ABCs even before you decide to make any claim to them. But–here is the great part–once the code is broken, everybody’s a graphic designer and begins to compete with the likes of Garamond, Bodoni and Caslon. Here we have a personal story from classroom ABCs to a (nearly) full type specimen broadside, not to mention a philosophy of type styles.

2014 - New Foolszit Roman for $25

2013- Hoarder’s Manual No. 77
It seems as if one can buy just about anything these days. Even things from Paris, France. But, before you order that scarf, wouldn’t you be willing to pay a little extra to discover the 'story' behind the article in question? We thought so.

2013 - Hoarder’s Manual No. 77 for $25

2012- The Diaries Of A Damp Stone
What does a young bride do when her famous husband, John Ruskin, practically abandons her in Venice to do research for what will become his most famous work, The Stones of Venice? She’ll turn over a few stones of her own to discover a young Italian architect who will show her the difference between Gothic and Romanesque, among other things. . . .

2012 - The Diaries of a Damp Stone for $25

2011-Calliope vs. Thamyris, et al.
Case No. 1095880IC
What do you do when your Muse reneges on her promise to help finish your great literary masterpiece? You sue of course, and confront her in the Immortal Court presided over by the god Zeus (who also happens to be her father).

2011 - Calliope vs. Thamyris, et al. for $25

2010-A Foundational Literature Experience For A Young Person
As the traditional book form disappears from our libraries and homes, a new group comes forward to save our bookless children—they are The American Gaming-Scholastic Electronic Library Association (AG-SELA).

2010 - A Foundational Literature Experience For A Young Person for $25

2009-Literary Recipes
Food Thoughts from Famous Writers
Chef Marc-Paul Gérard collects books of la cuisinier and he likes to expound upon them. He also tells us perhaps a little more about himself than he may suppose.

2009 - Literary Recipes or Food Thoughts from Famous Writers for $25

2008-B. Traven: An Interview with Himself
In just-released papers, the famously recondite author reveals what has only been guessed at by literary scholars—the uncloaking of the identity of B. Traven.

2008 - B. Traven: An Interview With Himself for $25

2007-On the Labeling of Paintings: A Guide for the Art School Impaired
This is a new museum experience that employs the philosophy that Art is for Everyman (and the label tells Everyman where to get the real dirt on the subject).

2007 - On the Labeling of Paintings for $25

2006-My Private Library: Confessions of a Collector
The title says it all in a profession where, it seems, the ends do justify the means.

2006 - My Private Library for $25

2005-Tayler's ho, a Snaile! A Crye for Haelp
An exciting theory involving giant snails found on illuminated manuscripts given to a spellbound meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Folklore, in London.

2005 - Taylers ho, a Snaile! for $25

2004-Gaillard Durfort: An Ordinary Frenchman's Ride Up & Down History
A reminiscence of Gaillard Durfort who, as Gustave Eiffel's private assistant, witnessed a meeting between Jules Verne, H. G. Wells and M. Eiffel in the latter's apartment atop his famous tower.

2004 - Gaillard Durfort for $25

2003-Shakespeare: Motions & the Man
Before the normally skeptical audience at the Interlude Conference of Shakespearean Scholars in Paris, Professor Henryk Moosekowski shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Shakespeare's dramatic life began as a puppeteer.

2003 - Shakespeare: Motions & the Man for $25

2002-The Sadie L. Spincraft Discovery Award
From the League of American Librarians, we have the announcement of the Sadie L. Spincraft Discovery Award, read by the head curator of The Henry J. Kaiser Collection of Technical Motor Manuals at the Detroit Free Library.

2002 - The Sadie L. Spincraft Discovery Award for $25

2001-General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Golf Caddie
Correspondence from General Dwight D. Eisenhower's golf caddie, a young lieutenant writing from Italy to his sister during World War II. This letter is held in the Eisenhower Presidential Library along with other censored material.

2001 - General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Golf Caddie for $25

2000-A Letter to Isabelle Rimbaud
This love letter is to Arthur Rimbaud's sister, Isabelle, from the dying man whose poetry style Rimbaud forged.

2000 - A Letter to Isabelle Rimbaud for $25

1999-The Spring Haiku of Tobu Sho
Haiku from the unbalanced mind of a minor Japanese poet and disgruntled neighbor of Matsuo Basho.

1999 - The Spring Haiku of Tobu Sho for $25